Monday, January 30, 2012

{i break myself}

{I love doing it with you, salt on my tongue with wind from the sea.}
ingredients: milk chocolate Valrhona Jivara Lacteé 40%, crystals of sea salt, dehydrated raspberries and lime zest

{In the center of the room a volcano erupts like on some desert island, it falls like rain and this thick air all around takes one’s breath away, so scented is the moment.}
ingredients: dark chocolate Valrhona Guanaja 70%, smoked on a mixture of spices and wood, allspice, pepper, oak, lichen

{Unwrap me carefully and lick the cream rubbed off the walnut whip into my cup, dew fell, I’m walking all over you as if on a moss covered landscape, hide some under your pillow.}
ingredients: white chocolate Valrhona Ivoire 30%, the pink pepper, lavender flowers 


Two young Czech female designers and a Chef du pâtissier create these wonderful chocolat oeuvres d'art.
{Rozbíjím se / I break myself} say about themselves: I break myself is a project on the border of cuisine and design. Because we love chocolate, because we desire for beautiful future, because we love dreams and memories of them.
Yes, all this we can mix, wrap in a story and fasten of unique hand work, it is highly appreciated. We can conjure with the taste and shape and we will prove that the emotions can eat!}  

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